George A. Todd
Chief Of Staff

Dr. Todd served in the U.S. Air Force for six years and attributes his success to his

faith in God, the support he receives from his family, hard work and to his passion

for making a difference in the lives of his people. With 28 years’ experience, Dr.

Todd wears many hats – CEO/Producer/Writer/Musician/Songwriter. He

specializes in Counseling, and has a dynamic style of preaching, teaching and

motivational speaking.

Dr; Todd is also Co-founder of Todd-Carter Productions. TCP® Inc.’s mission is

“To take care of people, one heart at a time by exposing them to art healthy

entertainment that enriches the heart, mind, body and soul.” Their quest is to

encourage educational and economic opportunities through a hands-on approach

with our youth and young adults. Their goal is to develop screen plays, stage plays

and film productions.

Dr. Todd and TCP® Inc.’s have produced several successful theatrical

productions, to name a few: Storefront, Storefront: Deuce, Unrecognized, and

MCJ – The Musical Play. A pending creative work –“Determined” is under

production. Dr. Todd is also the author of a book entitled “Spiritual Gumbo – for

the Hungry Heart, published in 2007.

Our Awesome God has blessed Bishop Todd with unique abilities and talents to

serve His people. Bishop Todd possesses a special personality. He has an ability

to see the inner spirit. His Wisdom, compassion, and charisma abound in his every

day walk. He is truly a man of God – A friend of God.

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