William O.A.Konadu
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

William O. A. Konadu is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Board Chairman of Splassher, Inc. William is an accomplished performer, musician and record producer, releasing countless recordings under the moniker Nana King. Best known for his chart topping album “Champion”, recorded in his family’s home country of Ghana, West Africa, Nana King has become one of the biggest names in music, working with top artists including Jay-Z, Akon, Ex-Doe, Samini, VIP, and performing a series of concerts in the 1990’s with Tupac Shakur.


William Konadu, was born in Los Angeles, California; a child prodigy, self-taught musician, mastering the electric guitar at a very young age, and then building his own recording studio in his teens combining his mastery of technology along with his musical talents, playing dozens of various musical instruments. In the 1980’s William built his first home recording studio and console using parts and pieces of computers and defunct-gaming consoles. Through his intense passion for music and technology, William has created a dynamic social networking and multi-media entertainment platform, at, developed and incorporated in 2016.  

An innovator and visionary, William “Nana King” Konadu continually raises the bar, creating and implementing new and exciting features to the Splassher networking platform, to the delight of his fans around the globe.